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Why Do I Need This?

Are you an editor looking for assistance with an enticing poster for a book you have just commissioned? Or maybe you are student activist looking for someone to help with high-impact posters you can paste around campus? You are also perhaps a school principal hoping that someone with expertise can help you design an eye-catching banner to announce your school’s science day fair?

We at SparkInWords are proud of our abilities to provide content for posters and banners that announce your event the way you want it announced.

Tell us what you want and watch as we go to work bringing it into reality. Are you the more restrained type who likes subtle colors but a strong message? No problem! We will take meticulous note of your needs, budget and time-frame and come up with an action plan.

We will shorten that long sentence of yours into a pithy headline and summarize the date, time and place of your event. If you decide to post copies of your poster or banner online, we will alter it to include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) words and phrases so they attract more eyeballs.

A poster is a snapshot of the event just as a trailer is a rough summary of a movie.

Make sure your trailer or banner leaves an impact on viewers and gives the attendance, connections and event success you desire.

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What Are Our Customers Saying

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Christopher Sands, Marketing Expert

SparkInWords is a strong writing partner. They have a competent team that can consult with you on your project to make sure it is delivered properly. I was very impressed with their meaningful input on the project and they offered very good ideas on how to execute it above and beyond. Will likely work with SparkInWords again.

Vineet Vig, CEO, Every IT Solutions

It was great working with SparkInWords. They are extremely competent and easily approachable. Good communications skills. Well-research their work before delivering the task. Manage their time well and deliver services on time.

Blair G. Kuhnen, Director, Partner and Search Marketing, Builders Digital Experience, LLC

The team of SparkInWords always got our content written quickly, and responded well to any changes we needed made. Their team is trustworthy, flexible, and adapt to changes well. They take feedback and guidance well and uses it to create terrific work. I love working with them.


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