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You are a researcher who has toiled for years to come up with excellent original, raw data that you think can help in early cancer diagnosis or let the world know more about Mayan civilization. As if the long hours in the lab were not enough, you are now faced with the challenge of reporting your research as a paper to a peer-review journal. You struggle with journal’s guidelines for keywords, manuscript word count, fonts and format. Is it time to give up on that high-quality publication and the impact factor that can secure you an academic career?

Not if you allow the talented pool of writers and editors at SparkinWords to transform your raw data into a high-quality research paper. We will write you a succinct abstract and include the right keywords so your paper shows up first on research databases. We will also reorganize your paper to separate the introduction from the methodology and the discussion section from the conclusion. Your paper will be reviewed by our editors who are intimately familiar with your field and brought within the target journal’s word count.

You can now spend more time in your lab doing the experiments you love as we deal with the font and formatting issues that your finicky target publication outlet requires. We will even arrange and format your references, so you can confidently back up your claims with evidence and avoid plagiarism-relat
ed risks.

Good researchers understand that even the best raw data and resulting research paper written in a traditional format will not attract readers. We intimately understand the search algorithms used by research databases and the finished product that can get you the highest impact factor score. Our final product will maximize your chances of getting published and minimize risks of your paper being sent back by the peer reviewers or editors for substantial reworking.

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Christopher Sands, Marketing Expert

SparkInWords is a strong writing partner. They have a competent team that can consult with you on your project to make sure it is delivered properly. I was very impressed with their meaningful input on the project and they offered very good ideas on how to execute it above and beyond. Will likely work with SparkInWords again.

Vineet Vig, CEO, Every IT Solutions

It was great working with SparkInWords. They are extremely competent and easily approachable. Good communications skills. Well-research their work before delivering the task. Manage their time well and deliver services on time.

Blair G. Kuhnen, Director, Partner and Search Marketing, Builders Digital Experience, LLC

The team of SparkInWords always got our content written quickly, and responded well to any changes we needed made. Their team is trustworthy, flexible, and adapt to changes well. They take feedback and guidance well and uses it to create terrific work. I love working with them.


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