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Why Do I Need This?


You want to promote your upcoming event or a new product, but you do not have a large customer base or any contact data yet.  What is the most straightforward and cost-effective way to reach new prospects when you aren’t wholly established?  This sounds like a job for the classic flyer.

Flyers are one-page handouts used to advertise events or promotions.  They can be very effective at bringing new people to your door if done right. 

Since you only have one page to spare, the message you include needs to be powerful.

One exceptional thing about flyers is that if you create one that is reusable, you can also share it on social media or send to a customer through email once you start collecting loyal customers.

To create a great flyer, you need to maximize the amount of space you have, so:

  • Beware of crowding. Design and use of space are of utmost importance.
  • Include photos or infographics to make it more visually appealing.
  • Create something that is colorful and balanced.
  • Select a font that can be read from a distance.
  • Keep the message simple.
  • Write a headline they can’t ignore.
  • Let them know what you want them to do with this information.

A flyer can be made using a computer, or with simple paper and markers.  It all depends on the purpose.  If you are trying to draw people to your business or a special event you are throwing, the “Lost Cat” version you see stapled up around town just isn’t going to cut it.

Our team has extensive experience with writing material that gives the reader just enough to intrigue them and keep them reading.  We are also experts at selecting the appropriate size and taking care of all the little details that often get missed when businesses try to create flyers on their own.

We will give you the perfect design, with the right color mode for printing, pictures at a high enough resolution to prevent blurring, and a message that packs a one-two punch.  What are you waiting for?

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SparkInWords is a strong writing partner. They have a competent team that can consult with you on your project to make sure it is delivered properly. I was very impressed with their meaningful input on the project and they offered very good ideas on how to execute it above and beyond. Will likely work with SparkInWords again. Christopher Sands

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