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Save yourself some anxiety with professional letters crafted by our writers tell your career-story and get you that interview call.

Why Do  I Need This?

Today’s jobseekers face a challenging and constantly changing job-market. With hiring managers overwhelmed by candidate profiles, most have only a few seconds to skim and judge whether a person is a good fit.

In this veritable ocean of profiles, your cover letter is a vital document to help hiring managers get a sense of your skills and career trajectory in those crucial few seconds.

And their judgement is the difference between coming a step closer to your dream job or continuing to bulk-email your profile.

Is your cover letter working for you? Do you even have a good cover letter? If the answers to those questions is no and you’re tired of your fruitless job search effort, please consider SparkInWords.

You could be that enthusiastic college student, or a mid-career professional looking for a job change. Perhaps you’re a retiree or young mother looking to rejoin the workforce? We have a talented pool of writers, editors with a meticulous eye for detail and a strong project management and delivery pipeline. A cover letter for us is not just an enumeration of the facts and achievements of a candidate from high school to university. We believe that a good cover letter must do much more than fact-stating.

Cover letter must give the hiring manager a precise snapshot of the personality, core convictions and character of the candidate

We, at SparkInWords specialize in this tightrope balancing. You will love our latest templates, huge-variety of fonts, fixes for common grammar errors and flashes of creative woven adeptly into the professional. We are flexible and can either work on your cover letter or begin anew. If you have a Friday night deadline for that dream job you just got to know of, tap our talent to rush a professional yet personal cover letter to sway the recruiter.

Today’s tight job market requires candidates to go the extra mile to stand out from the competition. With a little help from us, you could be that shortlisted candidate.

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What Are Our Customers Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

It was great working with SparkInWords. They are extremely competent and easily approachable. Good communications skills. Well-research their work before delivering the task. Manage their time well and deliver services on time.

Vineet Vig CEO, Every IT Solutions

SparkInWords is a strong writing partner. They have a competent team that can consult with you on your project to make sure it is delivered properly. I was very impressed with their meaningful input on the project and they offered very good ideas on how to execute it above and beyond. Will likely work with SparkInWords again.

Christopher Sands Marketing Expert

The team of SparkInWords always got our content written quickly, and responded well to any changes we needed made. Their team is trustworthy, flexible, and adapt to changes well. They take feedback and guidance well and uses it to create terrific work. I love working with them.

Blair G. Kuhnen Director, Partner and Search Marketing, Builders Digital Experience, LLC

It was great working with ruchi. She understood our requirements and has the work delivered perfectly.

Akheel A

Best in the business. Dont see a reason to ever work on text with anyone other than ruchi. <3 you da bestt!

Marko N

Ruchi always does outstanding work and delivers it quality. it’s a pleasure to work with her.

Adam S

Super impressed. I have finally found a script writer to work on my various channels. Many thanks.

Walter R