Digital Marketing

Once Upon A Time …

Back in the day if you had a business you had to have a store and make some commercials. This grew to in elaborate sophistication in the end of the 20th century. Building the physical presence and utilising the five “P” of marketing was a prerequisite for a successful business.

Business Today

All this started to change in the 21st century and the introduction of the internet. Now we are all connected. Today it is no longer even necessary to have a physical presence. Drop shipping and affiliation are generating billions of dollars in revenue. The physical shop was substituted with the website. Today you may not have a physical place of business, but if you do not have a website (even if you have a nice office) you do not exist!

Moving from the physical to the virtual, marketing is changing accordingly. Sure, many of the principles described by Kotler (the father of marketing) are still feasible today. However the tools of getting your customer’s attention have radically changed.

As there are 4.5 billion of internet users globally, it will be a marketing crime not to use the web. How is this done?

Easy – you have to know your potential customers, know what they will be searching for on the internet and just be waiting for them “with an offer they cannot refuse”. In order to do this you have to rank high, actually best to rank first on the key words which your potential customers will type in their search engine (Google or something similar). The way to do this is called “Search Engine Optimisation” or SEO for short.

There are many aspects of SEO – some are purely technical and some are content related. Both ways SEO is today a leading marketing tool.


Almost all of the above 4.5 billion people (and the number is growing daily) are users of at least one social media platform. It is here that users share sometimes even intimate information about themselves. This is exactly what marketers need.

How else can you get to know your customer best? More importantly social media platforms are willing to share this customer insights – geography, gender, age, interests and so on. Surely you are connecting the dots. Social media marketing is a just as much a “must” as is having a website and working on your SEO.

Now you know the secrets. Get to work on your site, SEO and social.

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