Proofreading And Editing

The trained eyes of our talent pool can spot and fix errors that saves you embarrassment and gives a perfect finish.

Why Do  I Need This?

Writers seem to have one common flaw, which is the recurrent idea that we can correct ourselves. Proofreading and editing are two processes that are as important as the writing itself, they really are the difference between a regularly-written piece and a great one. Mostly because the little things, the details, might end up ruining a beautiful writing with lots of inspired passages. Creators are not meant to correct the text, they are meant to use their creative energy to come up with words from thin air and make magic.

Correctors take that magic and transform it from great to groundbreaking awesome.

Think about your favorite book of all times. Keeping it in mind think about the author, the talent, the beautiful passages, and descriptions. Well, most likely, if the book was published through a publishing company, then it went through the hands of a proofreader and then an editor (or various). Why? Simple, because they can get the best out of every written piece, develop it to its full potential. Publishing companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in getting the correct proofreader and editor for each book or piece. They like throwing away their money? No, it is necessary!

Every bright creative mind needs a cold, analytic one to push it further.

Let us say that you write or have a team that writes and put the content out to the public uncorrected, unedited and with no proofreading involved. The result is that your content will seem rough, undirected and even if it is bright and beautiful, it will lack the power and won´t generate a big conversion rate.

There are no boundaries for the web and everything is just one click away. SparkInWords offers you a team of highly qualified, hand-selected and utterly experienced proofreaders and editors that will make the absolute best of your content. Shine to your full potential and beat all competence with killer, powerful content that´s ready to win!

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