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The Special Craft Of Writing Video Script

It is estimated that by 2019, 80% of all consumer internet traffic will be video traffic. A lot of businesses have adopted some form of video content for their websites, but it takes some extra skills that you may not possess. If you need help getting into the video marketing arena, or just need help keeping up with it, we have your solution.

Video Material On The Internet Takes Several Forms

  • Video blogs
  • Educational content
  • Advertisements
  • Product explanations
  • Product demonstrations
  • Product reviews
  • And more uses are being found every day

The use of video on the internet has skyrocketed as companies have begun to realize what an impact they can have on consumers.  Here are some statistics that cannot be ignored:

  • 1/3 – the amount of all online activity that falls into the category of watching videos
  • 53% – the increased chance that your website’s page will show up on page 1 if you include video content
  • 80% – the increase in conversion rate you will see by including videos
  • 88% – the additional amount of time users will spend on your site if it contains video
  • 1200% – the increase in consumer shares you will see with video over just images and text
  • 64% – the percent of people who decide to make a purchase after watching a branded video
  • 46% – the number of visitors who will act on what they saw after viewing a video ad online
  • 96% – the increase in click-through rate you will see by adding a video to an email
  • 157% – the increase in traffic you will get from search engines if you include video

With numbers like this it is evident that video is the way to go and will continue to grow in use on the internet.  So now that we have established the importance of using video, the next question is what to include in your video and how to create a script.

Videos that get the most consumer engagement are generally two minutes or less. This means you have very limited time to get everything you want to convey into your video. 

In fact, research shows that 20% of viewers close out of a video within the first 10 seconds, but if you can get them past that 10-second mark, they are more likely to watch the entire video.

Here Are Some Basic Rules For Making Videos That Will Keep Consumers Watching

  • Start with an introduction and explain what you will be showing them
  • Write the video for a single, simple topic. You can’t tell them everything in 1-2 minutes
  • Use plain language and take out any unnecessary words
  • Make your speaking points clear and concise
  • Explain why the consumer needs this product or service
  • Show them how it solves some problem for them
  • Be specific about what you want them to do next

This sounds simple, but 64% of marketers feel that short video scripts are the most challenging material to write.  If professional marketers find this difficult, then the non-professional will find it near impossible.
We have skilled professional writers who are familiar with creating short and engaging video scripts. We will create a script that will keep your customers watching and will influence them to purchase.

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