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Outbound Links And Why Every Content Writer In India Must Use Them

Every content writer and content writing service has only one motive. To write articles or blogs that get noticed. While the style of writing and usage of content must be done creatively and attractively, there are a couple of tricks one can use. No matter how good an article is, you might find yourself not being able to bring the kind of activity you or your client is looking for. In such situations, such tricks can come in handy to every content writer in India.

What tricks are we talking about?

While there are several tricks out and available, one such important and effective trick that all content writing services can use, is called an ‘outbound link’. It is not only known to help all search engines understand your product, service, and website better, but it also significantly increases the standard and increases the assurance that your website is trustworthy. This is extremely crucial when it comes to every blog or article’s SEO. This is also crucial when it comes to enhancing the ‘user experience’.

What exactly are ‘outbound links’?

In simple terms, outbound links are link addresses or hyperlinks given in your article or blog that redirect the reader to another page about what has been written or to give credit to an article that you had referred to. Just like how you can see in this article. This is why ‘outbound links’ are also referred to as ‘external links’. Your ‘outbound link’ becomes an ‘inbound link’ to the page that your reader has been directed to.

Why would I want to send people to another website?

You might wonder for a moment “Why would I ask people to refer to other websites when I want them to stay on mine?” You are not wrong to feel that way, but there are a couple of reasons why every content writer in India or any content writing service for that matter must resort to this.

Better user experience

By providing this feature to your readers, you are letting them know that your website is a dictionary when it comes to information and you are providing all sorts of resources to them to know more. This will make them want to return to your website and refer your website to others as well.

Helps google understand your page better

By resorting to ‘outbound links’ you are giving Google a better understanding of your website after it understands the connection between your website and the ‘outbound link’ websites. This will result in your page showing up a lot more accurately when the particular topic in relation is searched for.

Creates obligatory sharing

When a website and brands see you giving them credit and using their website and content recognition, this will encourage them to share your content as well out of obligation or perhaps just to return the favor. The bigger the brand, the bigger will be your exposure if your article gets shared.

Outbound links are by far one of the most devalued tricks of SEO and something whose resource and influence have not been tapped into. Using this will definitely start the buzz and start directing traffic towards you. It will not happen overnight, but the process will have begun.

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